Midnight Massive Update! (+LUA System) (15/10/2021)

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Midnight Massive Update! (+LUA System) (15/10/2021)

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Review the full and extensive changelog of this massive update:

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- Added Lua
- Added protection for RID 0 crash
- Added protection forSound Mixer Crash
- Added missed Cloud Config parameters
- Added Interaction -> Griefing -> Desync Kick (cannot be applied on the host, on that case you will be kicked instead)
- Added Interaction -> Moderation -> Show Profile
- Added global weapon modifiers (it applies for every weapon)
- Added Vehicle -> Modifiers -> Wallride with the ability to configure the power attribute and with the binding support (toggle, on key press)
- Added speed up and speed down binds for Vehicle -> Acceleration
- Added Teleport -> Blips (necessary map points can be configured)
- Added Teleport -> Auto Waypoint Teleport
- Added Player Flags for ESP (its the same flags as in Players List)
- Added Instant Explode on Spawn modifier for vehicle
- Added ability to kill pedestrians with the ability to display your name in notification messages (Misc -> Blip Funcs -> Kill All Enemies (you must use any gun at this moment))
- Added modifier Player -> Modifiers -> Infinite BST (Bull Shark Testosterone)
- Added modifier Player -> Modifiers -> Mobile Radio
- Added modifier Lobby -> Modifiers -> Lock Session (Host Required)
- Added Visuals -> Disable HUD
- Added search for Players -> Interaction
- Added ability to configure cloud density in World -> Clouds
- Added Force Session Host method (Default - classic force host method; Silent - less detectable for other menus, but do not guarantee host transmition to you if there is another player with force session host functional; Hard - guaranteed force host method, but can lead to game errors, f.e. you can be kicked from the session in some cases)
- Added World -> Water
- Added Lobby -> Lobby Names Spoofer (name will be changed for all connected players); all connecting players will see your spoofed nickname, but you will not be able to see it though
- Fixed Force Session Host bug that leads to broken chat and inability to connect in sessions to other midnight users (and probably other menus)
- Fixed Script Filter bug that leads to broken missions
- Fixed DropRP and Money, now it can be seen by other players
- Fixed World -> Time -> Lock Time
- Fixed World -> Time -> Local Time
- Fixed Noclip transparent
- Fixed FPS drops on engine callback calls
- Fixed FPS drops when Disable Self-Report System is enabled
- Fixed rare crash on signature search
- Fixed crash when Interaction function is used
- Fixed Vehicle -> Actions -> Fast Stop
- Fixed false 'Model Mismatch' positives for some 'Pedestrian'
- Fixed color mixing in menu console
- Fixed ESP Box sticking to the corners of the screen
- Fixed modder detection bug that leads to inability to display more than one modder reason
- Fixed Teleport Tool that spoils vehicle teleportation in which player is
- Improve Invalid Task protection
- Improve Invalid Nodes protection
- Disable Self-Report System is always enabled from now
- Kick Brute interaction now split on Kick Brute and Script Sender
- Panic Button (Protection) is now not set by default (delete bind and save config if you do not need to use that function)
- Update localization files
Script Sender:
A small description about how this function works can be found here: https://midnight.im/threads/3177/

Documentation can be found here: https://docs.midnight.im/midnight-gta5/lua
Documentation as LUA API itself is still in development and API sets will be expanded in the future updates. Stay tuned for the next updates.
If you have any suggestions or wishes for expanding the functionality - write to the appropriate topics: https://midnight.im/forums/59/

LUA Examples:
Examples of various functionality can be found either in the documentation or on the forum in the GTA 5 section at the link: https://midnight.im/forums/59/

LUA VSCode Extension:
The extension can be added directly from VSCode in the appropriate section, just insert "0x800080.midnight-lua-api-snippets" into the search bar. You will see the desired extension with the Midnight logo.

All problems with the missions/heists have been fixed (those that were found during testing.). However, if for some reason something does not work for you, please contact the support about it with a full description of the problems that have appeared and report the name of the mission/robbery.

I also want to remind you that if you are experiencing any problems with the menu, you can contact the supports in:
1) Discord (support can be found in MIDNIGHT.STAFF section)
2) midnight.im (by using a ticket with described problem)
3) VK.com group