Common issues for first time Cherax Users

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Common issues for first time Cherax Users

These are some of the more common issues with Cherax for first-time users.

Problem 1: When I open the menu why do I only see protections listed?

A: There are two versions of cherax that you are able to inject and many first-time users get confused on which one is the correct one. The two versions are labeled GTAV and Cherax Protections. Many people start off by just injecting Cherax protections, but all this is, is the remanence of a free trial version of cherax to access the full menu you need to inject the one named GTAV. To do this you must restart your game first if you have already injected the protections version.

Problem 2: Fly mode on vehicles is not working.

A: The most common cause of this is just that you have on auto repair on which breaks this feature simply turn it off and it should work again.

Problem 3: I don't understand how gift vehicle works.

A: It works by spawning a car (mod it however you want). The recipient has to have a FULL GARAGE (preferably not spawned, use regular streetcars as they can double otherwise) and NO PERSONAL CARS on the street. The recipient then has to sit in the driver seat of the vehicle and you have to use the "Gift Vehicle" button, (as far as I know, you can't be in the car with him when you gift it, maybe you can). Then he has to drive into his full garage and replace one of the cars. To keep the car, he has to insure it, as it doesn't have any. You can do this the exact same way as to gift yourself a car.

Problem 4: "Failed to Authenticate Client"

A: Open your log of the loader. If there is a "failed to decrypt query" be sure your antivirus is off. If this doesn't help re-download the loader again from the forum using IE.
If your log says "Invalid Hardware ID" go here: and reset your HWID you can do that every 48 hours.

Problem 5: Failed to retrieve list of servers

A: Simply make sure any VPN you have on is off and restart the injector.
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