GTA Midnight Mod Menu


Status: 🟢 Online (New update here!)

The Midnight community have been on the modding market for many years. They have been working on the CSGO world during that time and recently they introduced themselves to GTA V to revolutionize the market. Midnight Mod Menu has arrived with the ultimate objective of overpower every other mod menu. Its powerful protections and outsanding griefing tools will not only make your game experience far more enjoyable, but it will also ensure you will always be safe against other modders. Some remarkable features:

  • NEW: Lua System (Click here to view documentation)
  • Advanced Spoofer features: Name, RID, states (like God Mode), coordinates, model and IP.
  • Advanced and powerful protections, crashing and griefing tools.
  • Cloud System to share your config to anyone, share and update vehicles, teleports and more.
  • Money and RP drop.
  • Flexible Mobile LSC system.
  • Set your own preset profiles and hotkeys.
  • And much more!

15 license keys in stock.


🛒 What will you receive upon purchase?

  • License key immediately delivered to your email.
  • All future updates included.
  • Specialized and professional support.
  • Lifetime access to the software.

📋 How can you redeem your license key?

  1. You will get a key sent to your email.
  2. Go to and create an account. (Note: To change the website’s language, find and click the word “Russian” on bottom left corner on the page).
  3. Login and then activate your key here.
  4. Redeem your key there, download and inject.

🌐 More information

Watch the showcase!

Elegant Interfance

Midnight Mod Menu has become extremely popular on the market for its incredible mouse interface. Its lightweight design makes it eye-catching and attractive for more than one.

Powerful Protections

One of the most important aspects of Midnight Mod Menu is their strength against other mod menus. When using it, you are going to realize how it feels to overpower anyone else that stands your way!

Relevant Information

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