Spotify Lifetime


Lifetime Keys for Spotify! Now is the time to upgrade your account to premium! Rather than paying monthly, buy once and get a lifetime subscription, and the best part: it works on your own account! No cracked software, no stolen accounts, real Spotify Premium on your real account!

You will receive a key that will be redeemed through a Discord Bot. Please read the instructions at the bottom of the page to understand the process.

⚠️ Make sure to check if there is available stock before purchasing! Join our Discord and DM @Spotify#2479 with the command /stock to verify.

🚨 How to redeem your license key? 

Availability: 41 keys in stock.



🛒 What will you receive upon purchase?

  • License key delivered to your email.
  • Unlimited replacements and warranty in case you ever get any issues.
  • Specialized and professional support.
  • Lifetime access to the Spotify Premium.

📋 How can you redeem your license key?

  1. You will get a key sent to your email when you purchase
  2. Join our Discord and DM @Spotify#2479
  3. To upgrade your key use: /upgrade [Your Key Here] [Country]. Example: /upgrade XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Australia
  4. To review the stock available use: /stock
  • ⚠️ Click here to read the complete instructions guide.
  • If you ever need assistance or something is not working as expected, join our Discord and make a support ticket to help you out. We’ll be more than happy to see you!
  • We do not store any sensitive data during the process. Feel free to change your Spotify password once the upgrade is ready.

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