Phone Verified Warzone Accounts


Freshly made Warzone Accounts used for temporary use (there is a risk of getting hit in a ban wave, but we try to avoid that as much as possible). Impossible to be shadow banned on login as they are freshly made.


Freshly made accounts with no shadow ban records.

20 license keys in stock.


🛒 What will you receive upon purchase?

  • BattleNet and Email login and password delivered to your email.
  • Specialized and professional support.
  • All future updates from Call of Duty: Warzone.
  • Lifetime access to the account.

📋 How can you redeem your license key?

  1. You will receive detailed information sent to your email once purchase has been made.
  2. Head over to
  3. Login with the information you received.
  4.  Download Warzone.
  5.  Launch Game.
  6. Don’t forget to change the details for both BattleNet and e-mail accounts for safety!

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