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2Take1 Mod Menu, undoubtedly one of the best softwares for GTA V, is a name you’ll hear a lot. This menu is the fastest to update after a GTA patch, and it provides you with the finest safeguards ever seen in a menu, incredible stability to keep you engaged for hours, plenty of features to ensure you never get bored in GTA, and much more! Its revolutionary LUA Script Engine allows you to create and develop your own LUA scripts, as well as add your own features to the menu! 2Take1 is a menu that should not be neglected; it is by far one of the best on the market, with everything you require!

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🛒 What will you receive upon purchase?

  • License key immediately delivered to your email.
  • All future updates included.
  • Specialized and professional support.
  • Lifetime access to the software.

📋 How can you redeem your license key?

  1. You will get a key sent to your email.
  2. Head over to
  3. Make an account.
  4. Go to the “My Account” section on top right corner.
  5. Click on “Redeem Key” and paste your license there.
  6. Download, and inject.

🌐 More information

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2Take1 Mod Menu

Ultimate Protections

There’s a reason why 2Take1 Mod Menu is the most expensive option from the market, and it’s because of its top tier protections.

Recovery Options

2Take1 Mod Menu contains a wide list of recovery options to enhance your experience that is updated constantly to ensure your safety in game.

⚠️ Available in 2Take1 Mod Menu VIP version.

2Take1 Mod Menu

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How to open the menu

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Aimbot, Controller Support, Protections, Recovery, Trolling